Dear Friends,

Fourteen years ago Carlos and I started Swirl out of the spare bedroom of my first house. At the time, I was four years into my self-employed lifestyle and itching to make a change. It was the perfect timing to do something different with my career, and Carlos was the perfect person to do it with. We were able to carve out a place to ply our craft, met and worked with some great people and clients, did some killer work, and had lots of fun doing it all. Did I mention how much fun we had?

To this day, Swirl is doing well, Carlos is still banging out graphic design and will continue to be the same workhorse that all of us have come to know over the years. It still amazes me how quickly he can sketch up a logo and figure out a design that just simply works. I have learned so much from him on so many levels, about so many different things, and he helped me become a better designer — for that I will always be grateful. He’s been the best business partner you could ever hope to have, and his hard work has helped us reach levels of success I never thought possible. Saluté to you, Mr. Zapata!

While Swirl could continue to go onward for the foreseeable future in its current state, I have decided to retire from the world of the self-employed and take a chance on an opportunity in the corporate realm and continue my career on the client side. For this reason, I will be officially leaving Swirl on Wednesday, November 16, 2016; Swirl will officially close its doors on Thursday, December 29, 2016.

What This Means For You

Don’t worry: all the digital files we’ve created over the years are backed-up and accessible any time. We will continue to be good stewards of all your branding.

If Carlos was working on your jobs, send him an email or give him a call at 210-710-0409. Carlos will continue to provide great graphic design and the superior customer service you’ve grown accustomed to as a sole proprietor. Reach out to him for details about this change and how he’s planning the next steps on his career path.

If I’ve done work for you over the years, send me a note or call me at 210-216-0792 and I can fill you in on the details. As always, I’ll continue to pursue side hustles and be available for freelance projects doing the work I love to do as my schedule dictates.

Change Is The Only Certainty In Life

It may be the end of Swirl as you know it, but it’s a new beginning for both of us and a change that I am excited about undertaking. I look forward to our continued friendship, creating more great work, and forging new relationships.

All the best,